Overstock.com Father’s Day Commercial

Artist: Renee Stahl
Song: It’s all right here

Renee Stahl - It's All Right Here - It's All Right Here

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Ad Description

Fathers Day 2010 TV commercial for Overstock.com. The ad starts with dad at the grill choosing his utensils.  As the commercial rolls on there is a scrolling onine view over the screen showing the different items for sale on overstock.com.  The next dad is using a cordless drill to hang something on the wall.  A dad is in the kitchen making dinner and then a different dad has a camera showing the different products to be purchased on overstock.com.

Lyrics used in commercial

You are the one that I adore
I couldn’t love you any more
You know that you could have most anything, my dear
It’s all right here.  It’s all right here.

Ad Copy (text)

Overstock.com at home with the O
Show dad you care
Dad knows best
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Overstock.com at home with the O

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