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Artist: Bryan Ferry
Song: You do Something to Me

You do Something to Me - As Time Goes By

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Oreo Commercial Description

2012 Commercial for Oreo cookies starts out at a PTA meeting, with a bunch of bored and annoyed parents, teachers, and a principal. Their kids come in with trays of Oreo cookies, and immediately change the mood of the room. Everybody is immediately happy and comforted and enjoying Oreo cookies together. The end of the commercial has a graphic about it being Oreo’s 100th Birthday.

More About Artist & Song

The singer of the song in the Oreo commercial is none other than famous British crooner Bryan Ferry. He was recently honored by the Queen with the title of CBE, which stands for Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, for “in recognition of his 40-year career as a singer and hitmaker.” That’s a pretty cool title if I do say so myself. This song “You Do Something To Me” was actually written by Cole Porter and has been covered by numerous artists including Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and even Sinead O’Connor. The Bryan Ferry version of this song was featured on his album “As Time Goes By”. The song is available on Rdio, Amazon, and iTunes.

Song Lyrics Used

You do something to me that nobody else could do

Text on Screen Says

Oreo 100th Birthday
Celebrate The Kid Inside

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