Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Commercial

Artist: Jonathan Elias
Song In Commercial: Meltdown

This song isn’t available on iTunes. It was composed especially for the Nissan Leaf commercial by the Eliasarts Agency. If this ever changes, and this song is ever released for sale, let us know in the comments.

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Nissan Leaf Commercial Description

2011 commercial for the Nissan Leaf electric car. We see a polar bear escaping his natural habitat where the ice is melting due to global warming and travels across the ocean. On his way he runs across a raccoon, and a butterfly, and the polar bear walks up to a man who has a Nissan Leaf in his driveway, and gives him a hug.

This commercial was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Voiceover Says
The 100% electric Nissan Leaf. Innovation for the planet, innovation for all.

The Making of the Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Commercial

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