Nissan Juke: Donut Action Commercial 2011

Artist: Richard Wagner
Song In Commercial: Ride of the Valkyries

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Nissan Juke Commercial Description

2011 commercial for the Nissan Juke. A man is driving his car and he receives a call to get donuts on his way to work. He then drives like a maniac, and jumps through a pane of glass at the donut shop, gets the donuts, and brings them to the office.

Dialogue In Ad

Emergency call sir.
The intern forgot the donuts for the status meeting.
It’s okay, I’m on a mission.
Professional driver, closed course.

Voiceover Says
That’s right, we put a turbo in a sportcross. The all new Nissan Juke. Innovation for success, innovation for all.

Here is a free MP3 of Ride of the Valkyries from Project Gutenberg.

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