Nissan Juke Car Commercial – Built To Thrill

Song in Nissan Commercial - Tony Rock Horror -

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Artist: Tony Rocky Horror
Song in Nissan Commercial: Kraken

Kraken - Kraken E.P.

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Nissan Juke Car Commercial Description

What a fun car commercial. Seriously. 2012 car commercial for the Nissan Juke starts out with a man, buckling his seatbelt in a car seat, that is sitting in a plane. Buckled in, he dives out of the plane like a skydiver. As he falls, still strapped in the car seat, other sky divers meet up with him, carrying a car frame. They attach the seat to the frame. More sky divers come with more parts, a roof, wheels, engine, and eventually construct a shell of a car in mid fall. Once the car lands, it drives down a ramp, and people on motorcycles construct the rest of the car, including painting it and attaching the “Nissan Juke” logo to the side of the car. The Nissan jumps a ramp again, and ends up underwater. Scuba divers attach a windshield. Next shot is the man driving the Nissan Juke car on a city street through a tunnel.

Nissan Commercial Voiceover Says

Nissan Juke Built To thrill

Text On Screen Says

Nissan Juke Built to thrill Nissan. Innovation That Excites.

More About Artist & Song in Nissan Car Commercial

The first thing that I think of when I think of Tony Rocky Horror is the movie Pulp Fiction. Remember that scene where Vincent Vega (John Travolta) was talking about giving Marcellus Wallace’s wife a foot massage? The man they were talking about who did that, and was thrown out a window by Marcellus Wallace was named Tony Rocky Horror. This is not the same Tony Rocky Horror. Tony Rocky Horror is actually a DJ from Seattle on an indie record label called Sub Philo. I honestly don’t know a lot about him/them. I can’t find much about them online. If you know more, please let me know in the comments. I do like their song in the commercial.

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