Netflix Super Bowl – Do You Want To Have An Adventure?

Artist: J-Man

Song in Commercial: How I Want Ya

How I Want Ya (feat. Lara Wilson) - How I Want Ya - Single

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Netflix Commercial Description

The commercial starts out with a clip from the movie Hugo with a boy saying, Do you want to have an adventure?. We then see various clips of movies and tv shows you can watch on Netflix such as Thor, The Walking Dead, Captain America, The Office, Sons of Anarchy, and Drive.

Song Lyrics Used in Ad

Ooh how I want you
Ooh how I need ya darling
Ooh how I need you darling
Ooh how I want ya

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Here is a Youtube embed of the actual song from the Netflix commercial. If anyone finds an actual music video, please let us know in the comments.

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