NBA2K12 Video Game "The Great Debate" Commercial

Artist: Bad Meets Evil
Song: Fast Lane

Fast Lane - Hell: The Sequel (Deluxe Edition)

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NBA 2K12 Ad Description

2011 TV ad for the game NBA2K12 featuring Michael Jordan, Mark Cuban, Drake, Brian Wilson who debate about who’s the greatest NBA team ever. The dialogue is as follows:

“Who’s the greatest team ever? 96 Bulls.”
“It’s the 95 Knicks.”
“The 89 Pistons shut down everyone.”
“It’s the 1986 Boston Celtics. This isn’t a debate.”
“Showtime Lakers reinvented basketball.”
“The Lakers? We beat them.”
“The 91 Portland Trailblazers. Next question.”
“It’s the Miami Heat. Boom.”
“Who beats Bird, McHale, Parish? No one!”
“Our entire team plays above the rim. Larry Bird couldn’t even reach the rim.”
“Bird didn’t need to dunk. He laid it up, like a real man.”
“Come on! Ewing? Starks? Mason? Oakley?”
“We scored 49 points, in a quarter.”
“No look passes, sky hook.”
“The 89 Pistons didn’t just beat the Showtime Lakers, they crushed them, in four.”
“South beach is king.”
“Larry Bird doesn’t blow out his back redoing his mom’s driveway. We are a dynasty!”
“We are the illest, greatest, flashiest, baddest team ever.”

Michael Jordan then says: “I let my ring do my talking.”

It may seem like the song in the NBA2K12 ad is an Eminem song, and it IS Eminem rapping. But this song is from a side project, which is a duo called Bad Meets Evil.

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