Old Navy Commercial 2012 – Pop-Kicks For Everyone!

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Artist: Kenny Loggins
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Old Navy Ad Description

Spring 2012 commercial for Old Navy featuring their new line of shoes called Pop-Kicks. If you notice, it’s set in a lab at “Old Navy Funnovations” where different kinds of parties are sectioned off. The pary they’re focusing on in this commercial is the summer picnic party. The “hostest with the mostest”, in the adorable blue dress, do you recognize her? Have you ever watched the tv show Reno 911? That’s Sgt. Johnson, aka actress Wendi McLendon. After our hostess talks about Old Navy shoes, everybody starts having fun and dancing to the song Footloose.


I thought this was interesting. Old Navy also released the same commercial in Spanish called “Old Navy Presenta: Día de Zapatillas Pop Kicks en el Parque” Everything is exactly the same, but all of the speaking is in Spanish, and instead of Wendi McLendon, it’s a different Latina actress in the exact same blue dress.

More About Artist & Song

So if you’re older than 30 years old, and don’t know nearly every word to the song Footloose by Kenny Loggins, I’d like to officially welcome you to earth. The song was featured prominently in the movie “Footloose”. When the American Film Institute rated their top 100 songs used in film, Footloose was ranked at #96. There was a point during the 1980’s that Kenny Loggins was known as “King of the Movie Soundtrack”. He had hits for the movie Caddyshack, then in Footloose, “Danger Zone” from Top Gun, and “Meet Me Halfway” for the movie Over The Top.

While we’re at it, here is the music video for the song: Footloose:

Ad Dialogue

Announcer: Old Navy fun-ovations presents Pop Kicks, the newest Summer shoe.

Wendy McLendon: And me, your hostess with the mostest. We didn’t want you to miss a minute of summer fun, so we made a shoe that’s footloose, and fancy-heels free.

Announcer: Did somebody say FOOTLOOSE?

Wendy McLendon: Lets kick it.

Announcer: Say “yes” to summer fun and new Pop-Kicks. For 9 to 12 bucks you can RSVP to everything. Old Navy, come fun come alL!

Song Lyrics Used

Now I gotta cut loose
Kick off your Sunday shoes
Please, Louise pull me off of my knees

4 Responses to “Old Navy Commercial 2012 – Pop-Kicks For Everyone!”

  1. Bailie
    May 12, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

    I want that blue dress so very badly, but old navy doesn’t sale it. Any clue where to get the “hostess with the mostest’s” blue dress?

  2. Antoinette
    May 18, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    Me too! I love that dress! Does anyone know where to get it???

  3. Cat
    May 21, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    Agreed! I want that dress!

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