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Song in Mini Car Commercial by Living Things - Check out the album on Amazon

Check out the album by Living Things on Amazon. The song from the Mini commercial is called Bombs Below.

Artist: Living Things
Song in Commercial: Bombs Below

Bombs Below - Ahead of the Lions

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Mini Commercial Description

2012 car commercial for Mini, featuring the idea that you can win if you’re small. We see scenes like a big kid being beaten at soccer by a kid 2 feet shorter than him, a scene of David about to beat Goliath, mismatched sized mixed martial artists fighting, and even a scene of a Mini Cooper pulling up next to a Porsche. All while flashing phrases like: Small is a Long Shot, Small is Fearless, Small Works Harder, Small Wins Our Hearts, and Win Small.

That’s Nice, What About the Song?

The song “Bombs Below” was released on the album “Ahead of the Lions” in 2005 by the St. Louis band Living Things. The three main members of the band are brothers: Lillian, Eve and Bosh Berlin. Steve Albini actually recorded the album, the same guy who recorded Nevermind by Nirvana as well as Surfer Rosa by The Pixis.

Song Lyrics Used in Ad

We sit calm now
We sit strong
Where the monkeys? where the show?
But if you come along
Yeah you’ll be alright
Some say that were back in school
Back in school we’ll break the rules
Yeah we’ll break the rules
But you’ll be alright
We salute you
Where do all the dead boys go?
Go, go, go, go
Yeah you’ll be alright

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