Mini Roadster Super Bowl Commercial – Another Adventure

Artist: Orhan Gencebay
Song in Commercials: Hayat Kavgasi

Hayat Kavgasi - Istanbul 70 - Psych, Disco, Folk Classics

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Mini Roadster Commercial Description

2012 Mini Roadster car commercial. This is their Super Bowl ad, set on a Saturday in Istanbul. Two guys are dressed in suits and ready to go to a wedding. But more importantly, their convertible Mini Roadster is halfway hanging off of a drawbridge and about to fall into the water. The car is balancing, tilting forward, so the guys start throwing things out of the Mini. First, some wedding presents, then some fuzzy handcuffs, they then throw a wallet out. They lower the spoiler, which (as opposed to what physics would tell us) lowers the back end of the car. They’re safe! But then a nice man comes up and returns their wallet, and the car starts to tilt forward again.

I’m a fan of the current Mini commercials. They’re clever, fun, and grandiose. I hope they keep these up.

Text On Screen

Saturday in Istanbul.
Another day. Another Adventure.
The new Mini Roadster

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Mini Coupe Commercial Song Orhan Gencebay

See the photo on the left? The owner of that fantastic moustache is Orhan Gencebay. He is one of the most famous musicians Turkey has ever produced. I searched the web, and this photo was actually among the least “70’s porn star” looking photos I could find. He has been in leading roles in 36 movies. Gencebay has been the composer in more than 90 films and has 15 albums, of which he has sold 65 million copies. So we can say that he is pretty legit, and deserves to wear that fantastic moustache with pride.

Here is a video of the song from the Mini commercial:


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