Mini Coupe Commercial 2012 – Best Test Drive Ever

Artist: Falconer
Song in Commercial: Herr Peder och hans syster

Herr Peder och hans syster - Armod

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Mini Coupe Commercial Description

2012 Mini Coup car commercial starts out with a black Mini Coup being aggressively driven on a city street, skidding as the car takes a corner. We then see Matthew Foster from Portland, Oregon, who won a contest describing the perfect test drive, in 6 words. He is driving the Mini Coupe. A beautiful exotic flight attendant appears in the passenger seat, wearing a pink uniform. I love her. She says:

Thank you for choosing to fly Mini Air. Our cruising altitude today will be 10,000 feet. Buckle up, tiger.

They are speeding down the city street in the Mini Cooper towards a ramp. A big Evil Kenevil style ramp. As they are speeding towards the ramp, there is a crowd cheering for him, one person holds a sign saying “This Way Matthew”. They take the jump, and end up in the Salt Flats in Utah. Weaving the Mini Coupe car around paratroopers that had just parachuted in. Next we see mannequins, set up like they are all in a sushi restaurant. The Mini Coupe car skids through this setup, we then see the flight attendant (Did I mention I love her?) feeding Matthew sushi from the passenger seat while he drives.

The Mini Coup finally stops near a stage where a Swedish black metal band is playing. The band is called Falconer. The final awesome shot is of a japanese sushi mannequin, stewardesses, Mini Coupe, Falconer, and pyrotechnics all in the Salt Flats of Utah.

Voiceover Says
To launch the new Mini Coupe, we asked people to describe their version of “the best test drive ever, period.” in six words. We received thousands of entries. This is our winner, Matthew Foster, and this is his test drive.

Text On Screen
The Best Test Drive Ever Period
Stewardess Salt Flats Paratroopers Sushi

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  1. Shane
    January 11, 2012 at 12:48 pm #

    Oh man I love this commercial! And Falconer is badass!

  2. StallordBeast
    January 11, 2012 at 2:02 pm #


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