Microsoft Windows 8 – Work Play Create Celebrate

Song in Commercial: Eyes
Artist: Peter Bjorn and John

Eyes - Gimme Some

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Windows 8 Commercial Description

The official title of this ad is Meet The New Windows. In this 2012 commercial we see people using the new touch features on a Windows 8 tablet. Including things like “Picture Password”, side by side apps, a cookbook app, and how easy it is to share photos and videos.

  • Meet the new Windows
  • Turn your picture into your password
  • Stay up to date with Live Tiles
  • Search across your apps, files and settings
  • Snap two apps side by side
  • Share directly from your apps
  • Touch. Or mouse and keyboard
  • work, play, create, celebrate
  • Windows, Microsoft

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

The song used in the Microsoft commercial “Eyes” is by a Swedish indie rock duo called Peter Bjorn and John. Their unofficial name is PB&J. The song comes from their 2011 album called “Gimme Some”. Perhaps the best known song from this album is called “Second Chance”, which is the opening theme song for the TV show “2 Broke Girls“.

If you like the song “Eyes”, here is the full version of it on Youtube:


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