McDonalds Christmas 2011 Commercial “Moments For Sharing”

Artist: Gregory Alan Isakov
Song in Commercial: Big Black Car

Big Black Car - This Empty Northern Hemisphere

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I’m still looking for a good quality version of this McDonalds Commercial. At the bottom of this post I’ve put the only version I can currently find, but it’s pretty bad quality. Bad enough where I didn’t even want to feature it. If anyone knows of a good quality video, please let me know in the comments.

McDonalds Commercial Description

Christmas 2011 commercial for McDonalds features a couple sitting around a makeshift dinner table, with a christmas tree made of boxes, I guess they just moved in and are unpacking. The guy gives her a McDonalds gift card, what woman wouldn’t want that, right ladies??? ;), and they proceed to eat together. It’s a sweet commercial, with acoustic guitar music playing in the background.

Text on screen says:
Big moments are for sharing

If anyone has a better video link to this McDonalds commercial, PLEASE leave it in the comments!

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