Lowe’s Home Improvement “Never Stop Improving” Commercial

Artist: Gin Wigmore
Song: Don’t Stop

Don't Stop - Holy Smoke
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Lowes Commercial Description

2011 Lowes commercial showing a woman progressing through her life. She jumps out of bed and pulls down part of the ceiling revealing a new fan, probably purchased from Lowes. We then see her in the mirror dancing with her boyfriend, they then dance by. She then runs by, pulling the wallpaper off to reveal a yellow wall, the paint probably bought at Lowes. It then shows her picking up after her two young children. We then see her unrolling a rug, presumably bought at Lowes, giving beverages to her older children. We eventually see her in old age, dancing with husband and grown child outside around a barbecue grill, probably purchased at Lowes Home Improvement.

Song Lyrics in Commercial

Twinkle toes I think I found a soul
To make me happily ever after

Don’t stop doing what you do
Have I paid my dues just to be with you
Don’t stop doing what you do
I will be your something old, new, borrowed, and blue

Can you understand
I say I love you
And I’ll say it more
My one and only oh I can’t lose

No, don’t stop being what you be
Doing what you do
Don’t stop being you
No, no, no, no, no, no don’t stop
No I can’t no I can’t lose you so

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