Lowe’s Home Improvement – Doghouse Nudge

Song in Lowes Commercial - by Andrew Simple

The song in the Lowe’s Commercial is by Andrew Simple. Click to check him out on Amazon.com

Artist: Andrew Simple
Song in Lowe’s Commercial: Time For A Change

Andrew Simple

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Lowe’s Commercial Description

Summer 2012 tv ad for Lowe’s starts out with a man napping on his porch. His dog wakes him up. The thinks the dog wants to play fetch, but he doesn’t seem to do that. Instead, the dog nudges him into the back yard towards the dog house. The dog then has a paint can in his mouth. The man takes the hint and paints the dog house bright red with white trim. Whereas my dog eats his own poop, and heaven knows what else.

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

First of all, this song isn’t available for purchase on iTunes as of the time of this writing. As far as I know, it isn’t available for purchase anywhere. If that changes and you find it somewhere, please let us know in the comments.

Andrew Simple may not be someone you’ve ever heard of, but there is a good chance you may have heard a song written by him. He has had songs featured in Best Buy, XBOX, Chase, and Travelers Insurance commercials. Andrew has written music with writing partners such as Big Kenny, of the band Big & Rich. Not only that, he has produced albums for the successful kids albums Rockabye Baby series.

Since the music video isn’t available for the song “Time For A Change”, here is another song by Andrew Simple called I Got Your Back:


Song Lyrics Used in Ad

Another day
And everything’s the same
Some new scenery would be nice to see
To take me away
Time for a new thing
Time for a change

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