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Artist: Alyssa Bonagura
Song in Lowe’s Commercial: I Make My Own Sunshine

I Make My Own Sunshine - I Make My Own Sunshine - Single

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Lowe’s Commercial Description

Spring 2012 Lowe’s Commercial, featuring their MyLowes service. The ad starts out showing a cuckoo clock house, the clock goes off and a wooden bluebird pops out of a window and cuckoos. Then everything else comes in motion, a wooden man and woman come out of the door with a paint can and paint brush, another wooden man is mowing the wooden grass while a wooden woman is in the background watering the garden. Basically, wooden people are improving their wooden cuckoo clock home.

More About Song & Artist in Lowe’s Commercial

I’m really glad that Lowe’s is using this song in yet another commercial. They recently used a longer version of the song in a previous commercial. It’s a pretty nice song. The artist is a girl named Alyssa Bonagura. She’s a Nashville singer songwriter, who grew up immersed in country music. Her parents were in the music business. Alyssa got to attend the Paul McCartney school of performing arts in Liverpool, it’s actually called the Liverpoopl Institute, but everyone calls it the Paul McCartney school because he paid for it. She also has a bachelors degree in Sound Technology because she wanted to learn how to do her own recording and engineering.

As of the time of this writing, the album with the song “I Make My Own Sunshine” isn’t complete, but it’s a Kickstarter Project. The entire funding for the record was raised on Kickstarter by April 1st 2012. She had a neat little fundraiser where pledges of $10 or more got a digital copy of the album before it’s release. Pledges of $35 or more got an autographed hard copy of the album with a handwritten thank you note. The highest pledge level was $1,500 where she would literally come to your house, make you an Italian dinner and sing a personal concert for you.

Here is the entire song “I Make My Own Sunshine”. If anyone discovers an actual music video for the song, let us know in the comments.

Lowe’s Commercial Voiceover

With MyLowes, you can set reminders to keep your home looking great this spring. Sign up at Lowes.com. Lowes, never stop improving.

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