Lowe’s Commercial: Tear It Down Make It Beautiful

Artist: The Phantoms
Song in Lowe’s Commercial: Make It Beautiful

Make It Beautiful - Make It Beautiful - Single

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Lowe’s Commercial Description

2012 Lowe’s commercial featuring a man and woman tearing up their house. They seem to be going full on demolition. They’re taking a sledgehammer to their front porch, kitchen, knocking walls down, and tearing down their fence. Finally we see their new, remodeled house with the beautiful backyard, beautiful kitchen. The point being, which is a line in the song that’s playing: you’ve got to tear it down, to make it beautiful.

About Artist & Song in Lowe’s Commercial

The band The Phantoms formed in 2011. Whether or not you are aware, you’ve probably heard a song by The Phantoms. This Lowe’s ad isn’t their first time their music has been featured in a television commercial. Their music has been featured in the movie Smoking Aces 2, Swat 2, the tv show “Make It Or Break It”, as well as commercials for Beast Buy, Travelers Insurance, and Pillsbury. Their current EP was released in June 2012. Hopefully they will have as much success with album sales as they do with tv ads.

Here is the music video for the song “Make It Beautiful”:

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