Lowe’s Commercial – It’s Spring, Unroll The Garden!

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Artist: Alyssa Bonagura
Song in Lowe’s Commercial: I Make My Own Sunshine

I Make My Own Sunshine - I Make My Own Sunshine - Single

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Lowe’s Commercial Description

2012 Lowe’s home improvement commercial features a woman looking outside in her backyard, and probably because it’s springtime, she goes down to the basement where she brings out what appears to be a rolled up rug. She brings it to the backyard and unrolls it. But the rug is actually grass, flowers, a birdbath, and everything else that would make up a beautiful garden.

More About Artist & Song in Lowe’s Commercial

Singer-songwriter Alyssa Bonagura is an interesting gal. She was born to country singer-songwriter parents in 1988 and has been part of the music business ever since. She attended high school in England at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, also known as the Paul McCartney school because it’s basically his school. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sound Technology. The album in the song “I Make My Own Sunshine” appears on isn’t finished yet. She was running short on money, so she put the project up for funding on KickStarter where she recently reached her goal and raised enough to finish the album. She offered pledge packages ranging from $10, where you get a digital copy of the album before it’s released, all the way to $1,500 where she would literally come to your house and help you make dinner and then do a mini-concert for you.

Song Lyrics Used in Lowe’s Commercial

Gotta fresh new start
It’s a brand new day
And I got lots of love to give away
It don’t matter if it’s raining
Nothing can phase me
I make my own sunshine

Voiceover Says

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  1. Angela
    April 7, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    What a bright gal…she figured out a way to earn the money herself to make her album. Good for her!

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