Lowes Commercial: MyLowes Paint “Sans Cans” 2011

Artist: April Smith & The Great Picture Show
Song In Commercial: Colors
Colors - Songs for a Sinking Ship (Bonus Track Version)

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Lowes Commercial Description

2011/2012 commercial for Lowes home improvement and their MyLowes service. The commercial starts with a can of pink paint cans shaking off of a shelf in the garage and spilling. All of the colors of paint start spilling, but rather than spill to the ground, they start to travel through the air in a stream of paint. We see the paint travel out of the window, meeting up with other paint in the street. Some splashes a guy’s car while he’s driving. It then travels through the park, while a child is swinging, and she nearly misses a wave of green paint. We then see a wide shot of the city, and multicolored tornados (happy tornados, not violent I promise) are stretched to the sky. We then see a screenshot of myLowes.com. All of this over a woman singing a catchy little song with an acoustic guitar in the background.

Actually, if you had different music in this commercial, this Lowes commercial could be described as: a bunch of paint goes rogue and takes over the city and demonstrates it’s awesome power by leveling the town with an army of paint tornados. At one horrifying point, the paint eats an adorable asian girl on a swingset. Watch at your own risk.    😉

Song Lyrics Used

I’ll wear your colors my dear
Until you’re standing right here
Next to the one who adores you
Whose heart is beating for you
Like a lighthouse guides a shipwrecked sailor safely from the sea
I’ll wear your colors til you come back home to me

Ad Voiceover Says
Store your paint colors, not your paint cans. One of the many ways My Lowes revolutionizes managing your entire home. Register your home at Lowes.com. Lowes, never stop improving.

Text on screen says
Never Stop Improving


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