Lexus CT Car Commercial – 42 Miles

Lykke Li's 2nd album featuring the song "Get Some"Artist: Lykke Li
Song in Commercial: Get Some (Remix By Beck)

Get Some (Remix By Beck) - Get Some - Single

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Lexus CT Commercial Description

Summer 2012 commercial for the Lexus CT hybrid car. The main point of the ad is that if you are going to drive a car that gets 42 miles to the gallon, those miles had better be interesting. So we start going through, mile by mile, what is happening with this car with the 42 miles being driven on one gallon of gasoline.

Highlights include: Mile 1 at Union Station to pick up a female friend. Mile 5, driving with friends, reading from directions to get somewhere fun, we assume. Mile 12, watching a movie on a projector, outside at night sitting in the back of the car. Mile 17, fancy dressed croquet game at night. Mile 21, late night taco truck dinner in tuxedos. Mile 33, seeing a beautiful woman at a stop light next to you. Mile 38, pulling up to a club. Mile 39, hanging out an outdoor party where people are jumping in to the pool while fully clothed. Apparently these people don’t have mobile phones.

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Oh Lykke Li. I must admit to my lady crush on her. If you’re not familiar with her, she is a Swedish singer-songwriter. Her music tends to incorporate electronic, indie rock, and pop. Her debut album was released in 2008 and it was called Youth Novels, and even though she was 22 at the time, she released the album on her own label. The album peaked at #3 in Sweden, but didn’t chart in the U.S. Her follow up album “Wounded Rhymes” sold better internationally, peaking at #2 in Sweden, #3 in Norway and #36 in the U.S.

Here is the official music video for the song “Get Some”. This isn’t the album version, it was remixed by Beck.

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