Lenovo IdeaPad Notebook Commercial – Those Who Do

Artist: Caveman
Song in Commercial: My Time

My Time - CoCo Beware

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Levovo Commercial Description

2012 Lenovo IdeaPad Commercial starts with a woman walking in slow motion in a Victorian era costume, on a movie set or photo shoot, with a Lenovo IdeaPad computer in her hand. A graphic pops up saying “Ultra Slim & Light”. She sits down at the makeup counter and opens up the laptop, and it immeadietly resumes, a graphic pops up saying “Resumes At Your Command”. We then see another woman in victorian clothes lounging in a chair with a Lenovo IdeaPad on her lap, she is video chatting. A graphic pops up saying “Stays Cooler In Any Lap”. We then see a woman on an airplane, watching a movie on her Lenovo IdeaPad laptop, the movie that is starring those victorian people mentioned before, and they are fighting ZOMBIES.

Text On Screen
Lenovo IdeaPad u300s Ultrabook
Ultra Slim & Light
Resumes at your command
Stays cooler in any lap
Lenovo IdeaPad U300s Ultrabook Powered by Intel
Lenovo, for those who do
Desktops Laptops Tablets

Song Lyrics Used

He was an old time runner
Found a way to have the others
My time, my time, my time, my time
And you would say that you’d never
Found a way for all the others
It’s my time, my time, my time, my time

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