Kia Soul Car Commercial – Michelle Wie: Clay Pigeons

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Artist: Fannypack
Song in Kia Commercial: Hit It

Hit It - Ghetto Bootleg

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Kia Commercial Description

2012 commercial for the Kia Soul car starts out with a man pulling a skeet shooter, as a female voice says “pull!” The clay pigeons keep getting hit in mid-air. This impresses the onlookers, who say “Good lord”. We then see that the “shooter” is professional golfer Michelle Wie. And she isn’t using a gun, instead she is hitting golf balls at the clay pigeons and hitting them. Michelle Wie then gets into her red Kia Soul, and drives off.

More About Artist & Song in Kia Commercial

Fannypack was a hip-hop from New York City who’s debut album “So Stylistic” was released in 2003. The group only released three albums, the third record being just unreleased tracks and remixes. That album, “Ghetto Bootleg” features the song used in this Kia car commercial, “Hit It”. Upon the original release of the album, they only released 1,000 copies, but in 2008, the label officially released the album.

Here is a youtube clip of the song “Hit It”.

Song Lyrics Used in Kia Commercial

Boy you think you hit it
(huh) Oh no you didn’t
No way, no how
we’re gonna show you now

Ad Text on Screen

Kia Soul + Michelle Wie
A new way to roll.

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