Kia Sorento Super Bowl 2013 “Space Babies” Commercial

Song in Kia Commercial: Wheels On the Bus

Wheels On the Bus - 100 Greatest Kids Songs

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Kia Sorento Commercial Description

Commercial for the 2014 Kia Sorento, their Game Day Super Bowl ad. What a wonderful commercial. This is officially known as the “Space Babies” ad.

A family is in a Kia Sorento, when the little boy asks his father: “Where do babies come from?” The father then makes up a crazy story about babies coming from space. The boy then asks, “I thought mommies and daddies….”, the boy is quickly interrupted by the dad who says, “UVO, play Wheels On the Bus!” The song then begins playing.

If you notice, the street address on the UVO, before it plays the song is 111 Peters Canyon Rd, Irvine, CA 92606. Guess what that address is.

Kia Motors US Headquarters
Kia Motors Headquarters - Commercial

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