Kia Sorento Big Game Car Commercial 2010

Artist:  The Heavy
Song: How You Like Me Now

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Ad Description

Commercial starts with the Kia characters bowling.  One of the characters bowls so hard he explodes a bowling pin.  You then see the characters driving in a new 2010 Kia Sorento.  Also driving jet ski’s and making snow angels.  One of the characters is in a hot tub with a model wearing a yellow bikini.  Another character is riding a mechanical bull while another one is getting a tattoo that says mom.  You then see the characters driving down Las Vegas Blvd while the red character hangs out of the sun roof.  You then see all characters walking into the Monte Carlo like a shot out of a movie and they begin dancing with women in a club.  The shot then goes to a family getting into their Kia Sorento and all the characters are stuffed animals sitting in the back seat.  THe driver starts the car with the new start button and drives away to the music of the heavy and How you like me now.

Lyrics In The Commercial

How you like me now
Remember the time
When I heat you up
How you like me now
Oh yes uh
oh yeah
How you like me now

Ad Copy (text)

A departure from the expected
Built in the USA
29 MPG/HWY**
Starting under $20K
Kia Motors

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