2012 Kia Optima Car Commercial – Blake Griffin Hair Salon

Song: Smooth as Silk
Artist Regan Ryzuk

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Unfortunately as of 12/2012 The song Smooth As Silk is unavailable for purchase anywhere. If this changes, let us know in the comments.

Commercial Description

2012 commercial for the Kia Optima starts out with a woman in a hair salon getting her hair done. She’s complaining about her boyfriend. She says, “It’s so frustrating, it’s like I’m talking to a wall. He never listens to a word I say.”

All of the sudden, NBA star Blake Griffin spins his chair around and, while spinning a basketball (as ALL basketball players are doing at ALL times) says, “You know who’s a great listener Mary, UVO. The Kia Optima’s voice activated infotainment system. You just tell it what to do, and it listens.” I like the little touch where the ball stops spinning, but it’s still balanced on his finger.

We see Blake Griffin in his Kia Optima and he says, “UVO, play funk.” Then some funky music plays.

Lyrics Used In Kia Commercial

Yeah Yeah
You are the smooth boy

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