JCPenney "Lunchroom Runway" Commercial

Artist: Hockey
Song in JCPenney Commercial: Too Fake

Hockey - Mind Chaos - Too Fake

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JcPenney Commercial Description

2009 JCPenney TV ad featuring a group of high school students put on a fashion show in the lunch room of school, using a lunch table as a runway. They are eventually interrupted by a teacher.

Ad copy reads:
Style. Quality. Price.

Song Lyrics Used In Commercial

Everybody’s watching 
oh but nobody cares 
(oh wait cause no)
nobody’s watching 
but everybody cares 
(oh whatever i’ll talk to you later)
look out 
cause i’m just too fake for the world 
i know it’s just a game to me
i’m just too fake you see 
i wish
i didn’t have to be but watch out
i got too much soul for the world 
it’s breaking my heart
in two 
i got too much soul for you
i don’t like it but it’s true 

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