JCPenney "Today is the day" Commercial

Artist:  Forever Thursday
Song in Commercial: How Can It Be

Forever Thursday - How Can It Be - Single - How Can It Be (JC Penney Commercial)

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JCPenney Commercial Description

TV commercial for the 2008 Oscars for JC Penny. A house that is separated in to parts with no outside walls so you can see inside is spinning in the middle of the screen on a black background.  You can see members of a family inside as the house spins doing normal family things.  Mom is teaching a class.  Dad comes home from work and hugs the kids.  Mom and dad are getting ready to go out and dad gives mom some diamonds.  House is spinning showing more and more different screens.  The camera zooms in on a 14 revealing as it zooms out that it is a part of a calendar showing that everyday matters.

Song Lyrics Used in Commercial

i say, and so say i
my morning thought
it knew itself just fine
until across the room
it caught its first glimpse of my afternoon
how can it be
that these things live in me?
i say, and so say i
my morning’s day seems nothing like its night
my night so self assured
was all at sea when faced with dawns strange world
how can it be
that these things live in me?

Ad Copy (text)

Today’s the day. To install order. Today’s the day. To captivate an audience.  To be a kid again.  To get in sync. To give the gift that counts. For a change of scenery. Today’s the day to never end. 14 (date on a calendar).  JCPenney Everything matters.

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