JCPenney Commercial 2012 – That’s What Christmas Means To Me

Song in JCPenney Commercial: What Christmas Means to Me
Artist: Cee Lo Green

What Christmas Means to Me - CeeLo's Magic Moment

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JCPenney Ad Description

The official name of this 2012 JCPenney christmas commercial is “Tis The Season To Gift”. The ad has a white background, while various items like wallets and accessories are laid out to highlight sales. These are items such as Liz Claiborne bracelets and mens silk ties, until a Dyson Vacuum eventually sucks them all up.

More About Artist & Song In Commercial

Song sound familiar? It did to me. Mainly because it’s a remake of a Stevie Wonder song from 1967 called What Christmas Means to Me from his album Someday At Christmas. The Cee Lo Green version of the song is on his 2012 Christmas album called Cee Lo’s Magic Moment. The album also features Christina Aguilera and The Muppets. Seriously, why not.

Here is a youtube clip of the original Motown version of the song by Stevie Wonder. If you find a Cee Lo Green clip on Youtube, please post it in the comments.

Song Lyrics Used in Ad

Oh yeah…
Candles burnin’ low
Lots of mistle toe
Lots of snow and ice
Eveywhere we go
Choirs singin’ carols
Right outside my door

All these things and more
That’s what Chrstmas means to me my love

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