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Artist: Rosemary Clooney
Song: On the First Warm Day

On the First Warm Day - My Baby Rocks Me

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JCPenney Ad Description

2012 commercial for JCPenney. Lately they’ve been coming out with one ad per month and each month has a theme. You know the whole “April showers bring May Flowers” saying, well the theme this time is “May is Blooming”. And there are plenty of flowers to be seen in this ad. As usual with all JCPenney commercials lately, bright bright colors. Here are the highlights of the ad. If you just care about the song, you can skip this part.

  • Woman stepping across flat lawn stones while flowers bloom around her and a frog jumps by.
  • Young girl twirling a baton in front of a balloon store, someone is walking out with purple balloons
  • Man riding a bike that has a manual lawnmower attached to the front, he is mowing his grass
  • Cute woman flirts with the guy she is having a milkshake with
  • Girls baseball team watch a girl playing tug of war with the female coach, then they all dance
  • Redhead mom cheers when her son dives off of the high-dive into the pool

More About Singer

Rosemary Clooney was an American singer who was primarily thought of as a jazz singer, she was also the aunt of actor George Clooney. She came into prominence in the 1950’s most notably with the song “Come On-a My House”. She reportedly absolutely hated the song and refused. Clooney hated it because of what she thought were cheap racy lyrics, well racy for the time. Lines with innuendo such as “Come on-a my house, I’m gonna give you candy” come to mind. The song had to be sung with an Italian accent and sounds out of character compared to her other songs. However, Columbia Records insisted she record it, otherwise she would be fired. She recorded it, and it ended up being one of her biggest hits.

Here is the audio recording of the song “On The First Warm Day”

Song Lyrics Used

On the first warm day
On the first warm day

On the first warm day
On the first warm day in May
And we’ll teach the birds and bees
A thing or two
Oh, see how I love you


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