JC Penney 2010 "Who Knew?" TV Commercial

Artist: Miss La Bliss
Song: Luxury of You

Luxury of You (From the J.C. Penney Commercial) - Single - Miss La Bliss
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Song Lyrics Used

All I want to do is go aah aah
up on the heat feeling the sweet
luxury of you
lost in your burning arms luxury of you

Ad Copy (text)

Maddie Heels 34.99
Sunglasses 14.99
Cocktail ring 11.99
Handbag 39.99
Maxi Dress 49.99
New Look. New Day.  Who Knew.
JC Penney Every day Matters

JC Penny Commercial Description

2010 JC Penny TV Ad showing runway models wearing the new clothes of the season.

Announcer says:
Who knew a pair of heels could take you to new heights.  Or that the right shades could make your day brighter.  Who knew adding a ring could make such a splash.  Or that the right handbag could put the swing in everything.  Who knew an animal print dress could be so fierce.  Who knew adding one new thing could change everything.  New look.  New Day.  Who knew.  JC Penney

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