Januvia "Lovely Day" Commercial from 2008

Artist: Bill Withers
Song in Commercial: Lovely Day


Januvia Commercial Description

2008 Januvia Commercial. Januvia is an anti-diabetes drug. Pretty standard drug commercial where 70% of the ad is a voiceover telling about how Januvia MAY kill you.

Voiceover says:
“And the once daily pill Januvia. Januvia is different and works in two ways. it helps your body increase the insulin made in your pancreas and helps decrease sugar in your liver to help lower blood sugar. Plus Januvia is not likely to cause weight gain. Januvia should not be used by patients with type 1 diabeties”

“So talk to your doctor about a different way, Januvia.”


Song Lyrics Used

A lovely day – lovely day
lovely day
lovely day
lovely day
When the day that lies ahead of me seems impossible to face


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