Jack Daniels Commercial: As American As

Artist: Gary Clark Jr
Song In Commercial: Bright Lights

Bright Lights - The Bright Lights - EP

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Jack Daniels Commercial Description

2011 commercial for Jack Daniels whiskey showing a bunch of quick camera shots of a:

  • Juke box
  • alley
  • tv set
  • cowboy hat
  • tattoo
  • jeans
  • pipe wrench
  • fire hudrant
  • jackhammer
  • old radio
  • basketball goal
  • electric guitar
  • old hot rod
  • motorcycle
  • bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey

Ad Voiceover Says:
We’re the creators of things born of an independent spirit.
Designers of the great.
Architects of the useful.
Composers of the loud.
Builders of the beautiful.
We live in a country that lets people make things that they believe in, and that’s as American as, well…..


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