Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Commercial – Easy On The Animals Eyes

Artist: Salt-n-Pepa
Song: Push It

Push It (Remix) - Hot, Cool and Vicious

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Hyundai Sonata Commercial Description

2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid car commercial featuring animals in the woods all checking out the car, as if they’re impressed by it. We see a bear, squirrel who drops a nut, groundhogs, ground hogs, wolves panting and drooling, an armadillo, a fox panting, an ostrich, two raccoons, a deer, then finally a brief shot of the Hyundai Sonata, then a shot of an owl watching the car drive down the road. Finally we see a raccoon waving at the Sonata as it drives by. The implication is that all of the animals are checking out the Hyundai Sonata car because it is so environmentally friendly.

Voiceover Says
Finally, a hybrid that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the environment. The 40 mile per gallon highway Sonata Hybrid from Hyundai.

Song Lyrics Used

Ooh baby-babay

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