Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 Super Bowl Commercial – Touch or Tackle?

Artist: Quiet Riot

Song in Hyundai Commercial: Bang Your Head

Bang Your Head (Metal Health) - Quiet Riot - Greatest Hits

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Hyundai Super Bowl Car Commercial Song

2013 car commercial for the Hyundai Sante Fe. The official Hyundai marketing name for this ad is called “Team”, it’s also been called “Dream Team”. The ad starts out with a kid getting bullied on the football field, and a bigger kid takes his ball.

Main kid: Hey give it back!
Bully: Come back when you have a team.
Main kid: Okay.

So thats what he does, he gathers up a dream team of tough kids. His mom picks up these kids one by one:

  • Twins who are lifting weights. Bench-pressing heavy weights.
  • A kid who is welding some giant wrecking ball thing
  • A kid who is in a wrestling match with a bear, and winning
  • A boy who is rescued a grown man from a building fire, carrying him out

Mom drops the kids off, they all walk up to the bully’s. The bully kid says ”Touch or….” and the assembled dream team unanimously says “Tackle.”

More About Song in Commercial

The song, Bang Your Head (Metal Health) by American heavy metal band Quiet Riot was from their debut self titled album. The music video had a budget of only $19,000 and was filmed in the Walt Disney Modular Theater.

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