HTC Rezound Phone Commercial – Beats Audio

Artist: MGK
Song in Commercial: Invincible

Invincible (feat. Ester Dean) - Invincible (feat. Ester Dean) - Single

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HTC Commercial Description

2011 HTC Rezound mobile phone description featuring Beats Audio. We see a guy walking down a city street with his HTC Rezound mobile phone with his headphones on, listening to Invincible by MGK on his Beats Audio headphones. As he walks down the street, we begin to see cars flipping over, awnings falling down, a police car and taxi flipping forward, a sewer lid flying up and a truck flip over. The guy walking around listening to his beats headphones on his phone doesn’t seem to notice.

Lyrics Used In Commercial

As my world turns, the heart beats
Not only in my chest, but the heart in the streets
So when they feel this, they feel me
But I can’t feel nothin’, outside these Dre Beats
I am from the city of people, came from the bottom

Text On Screen
HTC Rezound
Beats Audio
HTC Quietly Brilliant

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