Honda Summer Clearance Event – Opening Credits

Song In Honda Commercial by Outasight

Check out the song “Tonight is the Night” by Outasight on

Artist: Outasight
Song in Commercial: Tonight Is the Night

Tonight Is the Night - Single - Outasight

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Honda Commercial Description

Summer 2012 commercial for the Honda Summer Clearance Event. The ad is set up after Matt buys a new Honda Civic. He gets into the car with his friends, and everyone is introduced like the beginning credits for a movie. We are introduced to Matt, Taylor, Other Guy, and The Honda Salesperson.

Honda Salesperson: Smart move to buy during honda’s clearance event.
Matt Brown (New Civic Driver):Thank You. Lets go! Dude the deal I just got, is insane.
Taylor (Wingman): College paid off!
Matt Brown (New Civic Driver): Yes it did! I’m driving a brand new Civic!

More About Song

The song “Tonight Is The Night” was released in 2011 by Richard Andrew, whose stage name is Outasight. This song has been featured in ads for Pepsi, The 84th Academy Awards and the WWE. Below is the music video:

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