Honda Summer Clearance Event – Family Comedy Credits

Song In Honda Commercial - by Pete Townshend Artist: Pete Townshend
Song in Commercial: Let My Love Open The Door

Pete Townshend

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Honda Commercial Description

2012 tv commercial for the Honda Summer Clearance Event. The Diaz family has bought a new Honda Odyssey family car. Everyone is in the new car and as the family drives away, it feels like the credits at the end of a movie. The credits say:

  • The Diaz Family: As New Odyssey Shoppers
  • Honda Salesperson: As Herself

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Oh what does one say about Pete Townshend. The guitarist for The Who would do solo work from time to time throughout his career. In 1980 he released an album called Empty Glass featuring the “Let My Love Open The Door”, which reached the top ten on the Billboard charts in the US. This song has been used in tons of films including Look Who’s Talking, Mr. Deeds, Evan Almighty, Jersey Girl and Along Came Polly. Before you buy the album, you can always listen to the full version of the song below:

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