2010 Honda Insight Hybrid "Another Perfect Day" Car Commercial

Song: Honey Tree
Artist: The Mostar Diving Club

Mostar Diving Club - Don Your Suit of Lights - The Honey Tree

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Commercial Description

Ad for the 2010 Honda Insight car shows people arriving to the beach, driving their Honda Insight cars. One part shows a man pulling a yellow raft out of his trunk, then it blows away. We also see a close up of people playing checkers near the beach.

Voiceover Says

“The hybrid for everyone is here. The Insight, designed and priced for us all. From Honda.”

Lyric Used in Ad

Just another perfect day
I think I’ll walk this way where the trees do sing
Feeling part of everything
When all my troubles seem to fade away
Skies look brighter
I feel, feel a change

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