Honda CR-V Car Commercial – Forecast

Artist: Mr. Little Jeans
Song in Commercial: Rescue Song

Rescue Song (RAC Remix) - Rescue Song - Single

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Honda CR-V Car Commercial Details

  • 2011 Superbowl Honda CR-V crossover vehicle
  • Woman driving said Honda CR-V in the rain, snow, and blizzard
  • We zoom out & see she is driving through a 5 day forecast weather report graphic

More About The Song In The Commercial

Mr. Little Jeans is a Norwegian singer named Monica Birkenes. She took the name Mr. Little Jeans from the Wes Anderson film Rushmore. Her music has been described as a mix between Karen O and Debbie Harry. The first time I came across her music was when I heard her cover version of the song The Suburbs, originally by The Arcade Fire. Check out a music video for the song below. That comparison seems odd when you hear the song in this commercial. What it does show is that Mr. Little Jeans is great at coming up with sugary sweet honeysuckle pop tunes, some of which you might be embarrassed to admit that you love.


That remind’s me, do you have any songs that are guilty pleasures? If so, tell us in the comments! Ad Voiceover Says With real time 4 wheel drive and vehicle stability assist. The Honda CR-V responds instantly to changing vehicle conditions. Honda CR-V 4 wheel drive. Capable, whatever the forecast.

Song Lyrics in Commercial

I am the heat in an empty room the cold coming through the walls I’m gonna rescue you so you can rescue me too make it a rendezvous



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