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Artist: Lucy & The Cloud Parade
Song: Whistle-Clap-Hey!

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About Artist & Song

Lucy & The Cloud Parade is an interesting band. They seems to be quite adept at staying off the grid. Like, the link to their official website from their Facebook page doesn’t work, but they do have a Facebook page…..with 13 Likes. As of now, there is no Wikipedia page for them, or really much of any biography anywhere for them. No official Youtube channel or music videos. Even when I Google the name of their record label, there is no official website for that. Maybe I’m missing something obvious, I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know: their record label stinks at promoting them, but luckily they signed with Zync music, which specializes in placing artists music into TV commercials, which is why this band has been featured in a couple of Honda CR-V commercials and they’ve also had a song featured in the TV show Ugly Betty.

Here is their song “Love Yourself” that was featured on the TV show Ugly Betty. If anyone finds any official music videos for the band, please let me know in the comments and we will post it.

Honda Car Commercial Description

2012 Honda CR-V car commercial featuring two girlfriends who are traveling around the country, hitting all 50 states in their Honda CR-V. They took a photo for each state of where they are wearing a t-shirt representing each state.

States T-Shirts We See:

Georgia, South Dakota, New Mexico, West Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Arizona, California, Rhode Island, Ohio, New York, Florida, Kansas, Indiana, Washington, Alabama, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon, N. Dakota, Texas, Alaska, Montana

Voiceover Says

Start your leap list. Then hit the road in the only SUV with 30 miles per gallon highway. The CR-V. All new from Honda.

Text on Screen

Visit all 50 states
30 mpg highway
All-New CR-V

Song Lyrics Used

Live it up (X4)

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