Honda CR-V Car Commercial – Marriage Proposal

Lucy & The Cloud Parade - Song in Honda CommercialArtist: Lucy & The Cloud Parade
Song in Commercial: Feel Lucky

Feel Lucky - Single - Lucy & The Cloud Parade

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Honda CR-V Commercial Description

2012 Honda CR-V car commercial. I’ve seen this ad not only on tv, but in movie theaters before the movie previews. I like to call this commercial the “Propisings of Marriage” (30 Rock reference), also the Bucket List ad, or Leap List ad. What is the difference between a bucket list and a leap list? Anyway, I digress. At first we see a man and woman walking in front of a movie theatre, conveniently with a Honda CR-V in the background. He asks her: “Do you want to get married?”

She replies: “Married? There are so many things I was gonna do first. I was gonna hike the Appalachian Trail. Or it is Appalachian? And I still have to learn to play the drums.”

As she says this, she walks off into a different scene.

Music Store Man: “Cowbell?”
Woman Says: “Cowbell! And I still need to finish my short film. Action! Okay. But we have a lot to get done first.”

Voiceover Says: Before you make your leap, make a list. Then get going in the completely re-designed CR-V – all new from Honda.

Song In Commercial - Actress From Honda Ad

The actress from this commercial is named is Sara Rae Foster.

Who is the Actress in the Honda CR-V Commercials?

She seems cute and likable enough doesn’t she? A lot of people have asked who she was. Her name is Sara Rae Foster. She’s from McKinney, Texas. And according to her IMDB profile, she owns a ring-necked dove named Henry. You can’t make that stuff up folks. As of now, she has appeared in some short films, and some independent films. You might remember her as the character “Waitress” from an episode The Young And The Restless. But seriously though, she seems like she’s busy and that’s a good thing. And her Modern Warfare billboard photo below is pretty awesome:

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