Honda CR-V Car Commercial – 2012 Leap List

Artist: Wakey!Wakey!
Song in Commercial: Twenty-Two

Twenty-Two - Single - Wakey!Wakey!

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Honda Commercial Description

2012 Honda CR-V commercial features an exhausted woman who just finished running a marathon. Her name appears to be Amy because of the name tag on her shirt. She gets into her silver Honda CR-V, puts her seatbelt on, even though she is really sore, and received a text message from her mom that said:

“Congratulations Amy! You did it! Love, Mom”

Voiceover Says
The leaplist, get going on yours in a completely redesigned CR-V

Text On Screen
All New CR-V

More About Song In Commercial

Honda Commercial Song by Wakey!Wakey! First of all, little gems like this song are the reason I started this website in the first place. I have a new band to listen to on my Rdio playlist. I can’t stop listening to this song. The band Wakey!Wakey! is fronted by Michael Grubbs, who is known for his role as Grubbs on the tv show One Tree Hill. The band hails from Brooklyn, New York.

The song features a syncopated beat, a nonchalant whistle as a hook. If you like piano-pop music, then this album is for you. A female choir and a little bit of tuba are just a couple of the fun little add-ins that are on songs on this album.

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