Honda Civic Si Commercial: I’m A Ninja

Artist: MC Christ
Song in Commercial: Hoodie Ninja

Hoodie Ninja - Mc Chris Is Dead

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Honda Civic SI Commercial Description

2011 tv Honda Civic SI Commercial is a fun tv commercial. It features an asian girl dressed as a ninja type superhero. The first thing we see is her on the roof of a building, in which she jumps off and does a flip and lands inside of her 2011 Honda Civic Si via the sunroof. I like that at the bottom of the screen, as she is doing this, there is text that says “Do Not Attempt”. So there you go kids, don’t jump off of buildings into the sunroof of your sweet Honda Civic SI, instead, stay in school. So the ninja girl speeds off in her Honda and is on the run from some giant Mack trucks with lots of lights on them. As she is being chased, the ninja girl is eating a Twizzler. She then stops off to play a ninja arcade fighting game. If you know the name of this arcade game, let me know in the comments! The ninja girl realizes she has to go, so she jumps back into her Honda Civic SI and drives off, being chased. She then jumps the Honda over a bridge. Again, the text at the bottom of the screen says “Do Not Attempt”, so there you have it again kids, don’t jump your Honda Civic Si over a drawbridge, you stay in school.

Voiceover Says
The next generation 201 horsepower Civic Si. To each their own.

Song Lyrics Used

I’m a ninja
I’m a hoodie ninja
(over and over again)


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