Honda Civic Car Commercial- Things Can Always Be Better

Artist: Santigold

Song in Commercial: Disparate Youth

Disparate Youth - Disparate Youth - Single

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Honda Car Commercial Description

2013 commercial for the 2013 Honda Civic, we see various inventions and innovations such as:

  • Parachute jet pack
  • Swing set that rains
  • A cube kite thing
  • A Hover craft.
  • Asimo the robot pouring a drink
  • A yellow and white Honda jet plane.
  • The 4 Moms Origami Stroller
  • And of course oblatory shots of Honda Civic cars driving around.

Honda Ad Voiceover

At Honda, we know that some people are never happy with the way things are, and are always dreaming of the way they could be. Smarter, faster, simpler, better. What if you had a thing for that? And a “that” for this? Or could do what this one doesn’t? And they make it that way. Because while the old one was good, things can always be better. We like those people. They think like us. Introducing the best Honda Civic yet. The redesigned Civic Hybrid, Civic Sedan, and Civic Si. Made possible by Honda.

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