Hilton Hotels "Journeys" or "A to B" Commercial

Song: Voila
Artist: Michael Tolcher

This song was written exclusively for the Hilton commercials. However, Michael Tolcher has lots of music available on: Michael Tolcher

Ad Description

2008 Hilton Hotels ad featuring an orange background and a black animated line drawing with A on the left and B on the right, with Hilton in between. The line between A & B transforms into a dragon, fire, 2 peppers, a sundae, a waiter carrying a cup of coffee on a tray.

Text On Screen

Travel is more than just A to B. Travel should feed your soul.
Hilton. Travel should take you places.

Lyrics Used in Commercial

Voila, pleasureful indeed.
Oh yeah, satisfy my need.
All right, how I long to be
My soul on fire and my spirit free
Woah woah oh oh
Yeah yeah-eh

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