Heineken Beer “Sunrise” 2011 Commercial feat. Audrey Napoleon

Artist: Audrey Napoleon
Heineken Commercial Song: #Mysunrise

#Mysunrise - #Mysunrise - Single
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Heineken Commercial Description

2011 commercial for Heineken Beer, set in a club where beautiful brunette, who happens to be a DJ named Audrey Napoleon in a busy dance club. The ad goes through the progression of the night, and one guy decides to stop drinking and be responsible, and Audrey Napoleon notices this. They end up on the roof for the sunrise. I know that this Heineken commercial is supposed to encourage you to be a designated driver, but if the guy was such a responsible designated driver, wouldn’t he have driven his friends home rather than hang out in a club all night? I submit that this guy is actually a creeper stalker of Audrey Napoleon! 😉

Heineken Commercial Text On Screen Says
Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers.

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