Heineken Beer: "Let A Stranger Drive You Home" Commercial

Artist: Biz Markie
Heineken Commercial Song: Just A Friend

Biz Markie

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Heineken Commercial Description

2009 Heineken beer tv commercial showing people at night singing together in a taxi cab while being driven home. They’re singing Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend” and the Asian cab driver at one point, turns the song volume up.

Heineken Commercial Song Lyrics

I said, how do you like the show?
She said, I was very amused
I started throwin bass, she started throwin back mid-range
But when I sprung the question, she acted kind of strange

I called her on my dime, picked up, and then I called again
I said, yo, who was that? oh, hes just a friend
Don’t gimme that, don’t ever gimme that

Oh baby, you, you got what I need but you say hes just a friend
And you say hes just a friend

Heineken Commercial Text On Screen

Let Someone Drive You Home

Give Yourself A Good Name

Enjoy Heineken Responsibly

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