54th Grammy Awards Commercial for 2012

Artist: Adele
Song in Commercial: Rolling in the Deep

Rolling in the Deep - 21

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Grammy Awards Commercial Description

2012 commercials for the 54th annual Grammy Awards. The ad starts out with us viewing a drop of water from above. We follow it down to the ground to where it bursts into sparks. More and more drops start hitting the ground and turn into sparks. The sparks eventually form the image of Adele, and she is singing the song “Rolling In The Deep.” More sparks start floating up and they form into the phrases:

  • We Are Music
  • The 54th Grammy’s Feb 12 8/7c Only On CBS

Song Lyrics in Commercial

There’s a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch it’s bringing me out the dark
The scars of your love they leave me breathless
I can’t help feeling, we could have had it all
Rolling in the deep

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

So, if you came to this website to find the name of the song used in the Grammy’s commercial, then welcome to Earth. You must not have been here for very long. I think my grandmother even knows every word to this song, and she doesn’t even know what an iPod is..

I remember pre-ordering this album when it came out. I was a big fan of Adele’s previous album, “19” And the current album is pretty good as well, but unfortunately it feels like we have been ASSAULTED with music from this album, in particular “Rolling In The Deep”. I used to like this song, and I feel like someone out there is trying to ruin it for me. In fact, I would love for the people of Earth to take a sabbatical from this song, and then we can re-listen to it in a few years and realize that it’s actually a pretty decent song.

Ordinarily, I would post a song from the commercial. But I’m not doing that. I don’t want to hear “Rolling In The Deep” one more time for a couple of years. Instead, I’m going to post another song by Adele. It’s from her previous album, and the song is called: “Chasing Pavements”.

Interesting fact about this video is that the shots of the people on the pavement where the view is overhead, those were shot at night and the lighting was provided by floodlights.

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