GoPro Commercial Song: HD Camera, Space Robot

Artist: Loch Lomond
Song in Commercial: Elephants & Little Girls

Elephants & Little Girls - Little Me Will Start a Storm

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GoPro Commercial Description

2011 tv commercial for GoPro HD cameras. I must say, I LOVE this commercial, and the song is fantastic. In fact, I just found the album by Loch Lomond on Rdio and am listening to the whole thing. Anyway, as for the GoPro commercial, we see a red toy rocket with a toy robot inside, being launched into space with a GoPro camera attached to it. The commercial is the actual footage from the rocket. The final shot of the commercial is of the toy robot in space.

Text on screen says: GoPro Be a hero.

Song Lyrics Used

And we’ll go somewhere warmer
And we’ll go somewhere new
(la la la la la)
Now we’re having fun
(Now we’re having fun)


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