Google Plus Commercial – David Beckham

Artist: David Guetta
Song in Commercial: Without You (feat. Usher)

Without You (feat. Usher) - Nothing But the Beat
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Google+ Commercial Highlights

  • We see a Google page with David Beckham as the background
  • Then a Google search for David Beckham
  • We view results of the Google search, including videos of Beckham as a kid & videos of him playing soccer in Sierra Leone with kids on a UNICEF trip
  • Girl says “I love him so much!”
  • We see David Beckham kicking a soccer ball into a trashcan on the beach, which is actually pretty cool
  • Click “Hang Out” on David Beckham’s Google Plus profile

Song Lyrics in Commercial

you you you
Without you you you
(It actually sounds more like “E-yoo-oh-oh”)

More About The Song & Singer

David Guetta is a french DJ and house music producer. His first name is actually Pierre, possibly because he is French. He is more famous in Europe than in the United States, and has won quite a few awards including Best French Act from MTV Europe, and a 2011 Grammy for Best Remixed Recording. The song Without You features Usher and also co-written by Usher. The song is featured on Guetta’s 2011 album “Nothing But The Beat”.

Apparently Usher wanted this song on his own album, but Guetta refused.

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